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Khao Lak

Khao Lak is located about 70 kms north of Phuket.  You may drive only half an hour from Phuket airport, or 45 minutes from Patong beach.  Khao Lak is serviced regularly by bus and taxi services.  Today, Khao Lak remains mostly tourist-dependent, with surrounding agriculture and commercial fishing making up a small contribution to Thailand's overall economy.

Area Scope of Khao Lak:

Beach boundaries vary with local hearsay, official government documents and resort claims, but it can be agreed that Khao Lak beaches extend from south of Khao Lak mountain south of downtown proper (near the Merlin Resort) and extending north to Bang Niang Beach, just two kilometers north of downtown proper. All beaches are public.


Khao Lak is plenty of hotels, local shops, restaurants and diving shops. Most of the foreign tourists are European, many from Scandinavia, Germany and the United Kingdom. The wider area produces some rubber and palm oil; there is also a small amount of subsistence agriculture.